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About Microfinance Software

Our Signature product is designed to work seamlessly with Micro-Finance Institutions of all sizes. It is intuitive user interface, guided procedures and powerful reporting functionality optimizing the workflow to meet the demanding requirements of a microfinance software institution and simplifies the sophisticated loan process. Microfinance Software will ensure that all the client information has captured accurately.Microfinance software serves as the lending workhouse which was designed to perform high-throughout loan processing with a robust analysis. The method-based analysis protocols automate the loan life cycle and offer a time-resolved analysis capability.Its enabled nature of microfinance software application reduces the accessibility issues and offers maximum storage by using data compression algorithms.

The user permission controls and protected data repository making thoroughly secure loan management system with a built in comprehensive reporting structure and accounting module. Be it Income Generation Loan (IGL), Group loan (SHG or JLG), Individual Loan or Emergency Loan, the loan officers could complete the origination process in a jiffy using our intuitive software. The seamless onboarding mechanism reduces the TAT (Turn around Time) of a loan application and also improves the operational efficiency of an MFI.

The benefits of Micro-Finance Software are Minimal Upfront Costs, Maximum Data Security, Intutive User Interferace, Extensive Reports, Easy Accesibility- Cloud Powered, Reduced TAT.

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